Flash Animation & Design

Using Flash in your website is not as popular as it once was.

One big reason is the lack of support by Apple devices like the iPad and iPhone.

That being said is still a popular way of delivering high impact messages and is a big player in online advertisement. When used correctly, flash animation is very impressive. When the project calls for it Brian Harte Design can serve all your flash web design needs.

Why You Don’t Want a Flash Website

Many people regard flash sites as fun and exciting, and better than a site without flash. Today however, websites built entirely in flash should be avoided since they can do more harm than good.  What does it hurt?

  • Many devices like the Apple iPad cannot display flash content.
  • Search engines have a more difficult time indexing your site. This negatively impacts your search engine rankings.
  • Many flash sites are visually engaging but difficult to navigate, this ultimately can create a poor user experience.
  • Flash can also take a while to load. People are impatient and frequently close sites that take too long to finish loading.

What are my alternatives?

Now that we’ve laid out the bad news, let’s talk about some alternatives to flash. Movement can be a really great and fun thing to include in your site. Javascript libraries like jQuery allow us to bring some amazing effects to your site and new techniques are developed every day. We would be happy to show you.