Updated Jewels Website Launched

Brian Harte Design is your local Detroit Metro web design company.


Jewels – a luxury jewelry store brand with stores throughout the Caribbean chose us to rebuild their website. Jewels had recently had the website developed by another firm but were unhappy with the results. They liked the design but felt it was unnecessarily built on the Adobe Flex platform. Flex is a great tool in the right hands but was not a good fit for this project. The client wanted to update the site but found no one was available who could work with Flex and was frustrated by the experience. Brian Harte Design was charged with rebuilding the site in a more standard web development format. The new site uses a standard, accessible XHTML and CSS layout. Most of the fancy user interface elements were handled using JQuery Javascript components with Flash used only were it truly made sense. The new site can now be easily updated within the company and everyone involved with the process is thrilled with the results.